Февраль 15, 2011

Cheats on Empire Earth 3

During gameplay, press [Return] or [Enter] to open the console.
Then type the following codes:
icheat – to activate cheat mode
idontcheat – Disable cheat mode
loot – to get to 10,000 units from all resources
taxes – to reduce all the resources on 100 units
punish – Selected unit takes damage in 20 units
convert – Selected unit ceases to your side
recharge me – selected unit receives 100% of force
win – win scenario
toggle fog – the fog of war ON / OFF
sea monkeys – instant build on / off
era up – Go to next era
max pop – off limits to the public
give tech – technology level is increased by 50 units
play god – God Mode On / Off
cheat cheathor – super cheat
cheatonite – ???????
super cheat – all the cheats are activated together

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